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Restaurang Långforsen

Opening hours


17:00 – 21:00

Table Reservation

huvudrätt | Main course

Renskav | Reindeer in cream sauce
250 SEK
With Mashed potatoes & Coleslaw

Belgian beef stew
195 SEK
Slow cooked made with Sint Bernardus Abt 12 beer

Vol au vent
185 SEK
Belgian chicken stew

Lax cream pasta | Salmon cream pasta
210 SEK
Crusted Salmon filet on a pasta with cream sauce & asparagus

Tagliatelle med Älg | Tagliatelle with Moose
230 SEK
With creamy minced moose, lingon & Västerbottensost

Tagliatelle Bolognaise
185 SEK
Slow cooked with Västerbottensost


Crème Brulé
80 SEK

Forrest’s gold | Forrests guld
115 SEK
Warm Hjortron in a whiskey sauce over Vanila Ice cream in an almond bisquit cup

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