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Ice Rally

Ice Rally

Drifting on ice with a rally car
  • Advanced
  • Age: 18+
  • Diver Licence B
  • Minimum 2 people
#1 Driving along with the instructor
€120 / person
#2 Course + competition driving
€200 / person
#3 Course + compitition driving + drifting
€250 / person

Looking for a rush? Come and do the ultimate activity! 

Together with a professional well respected rally pilot, you will learn how to handle a real rally car like a pro. You will be driving on a frozen lake where a racetrack has been prepared. 

The course will cover the basics of handling the car. You will also learn the workings of the sport and the way of communicating. Once you are ready you will go on an introduction round with your instructor followed by your first lap. 

If the instructor finds you qualified enough you can do a timed competition with him and the other participants.

When your tires have warmed up you will be ready to drop gears and give it all you got! First we get a small drifting course and then it will be your big moment. 

Package #1 | Driving along with the instructor
Not ready to take on the wheel but you want to experience what it would be like? Then you can sit next to the professional instructor and he will take you on the ride of your life.

Package #2 | Course + driving
In this package you will be thought how to drive on ice followed with doing it yourself.

Package #3 | Course + competition driving + drifting
This package is for the real pro’s. You will do all of the package #2, but you will level up to the drifting course. Once fit it will be you taking the wheel!

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